Be Transformed.

No matter who you are or where you're from, God can use you. That's why we help students navigate life with elevated faith.

Be Surrounded.

We're all in this together.  So, we're dedicated to you. Whatever your mission, calling, or struggle, we're here to support you.

Be Essential.

You have talents and abilities, and we have a place for you to use them.  You're essential to our community.

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Get Ready for The Elevate: Youth Podcast

April 21st is launch day for the Elevate: Youth Podcast! We want to be with you wherever you go and whatever you're going through. The Elevate: Youth Podcast covers topics relevant young adults and investigates the tough questions of faith. Elevate: Youth is hosted by Youth Minister, Jake Dickerson, featuring various guests from the Whitesboro youth community. Tune in, every Wednesday, for the Elevate: Youth Podcast. If you're part of a Squad Study group  you'll get info on launch day about where to tune in.

It's not a fashion, it's a lifestyle.

Elevate - Sundays@6:00pm

We're a place where you can belong, believe, and become more like Christ. Elevate isn't just an event, it's an experience. Experience community, worship, and word with us.

Group Me Bible Study

We don't take the backseat in life. It's everyday. In our high school and middle school GroupMe squad study groups we communicate regularly throughout the week, giving students an opportunity to give and receive encouragement while learning about God's plan for our lives.  Join with the QR codes below.

Squad Up! - Sundays@9:30am

Sunday mornings we come together for Squad Up! Here, you'll get valuable mentorship time with your Squad Up! Leaders and learn to navigate God's word.

Summer Camp

Join us this summer for Summer Camp! No matter who you are or what school you go to - we want you with us!  Contact your Squad Up! Leader or the fill out our contact form for more information.

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