Wedding Policy/Facility Use

FUMC Wedding Policies and Fees

The steps in making wedding arrangements and fees are set out in this policy to assist you in your decision to use the sanctuary and fellowship hall for your special day.  Please print and sign the attached form.


The steps in making wedding arrangements and fees are set out in this policy to assist you in your decision to use the sanctuary and fellowship hall for your special day.


1. Consult with the pastor to confirm the date and time of the ceremony. At this time a wedding Reservation Form should be completed.

2. A $100.00 deposit is required to hold the fellowship hall for a reception to be refunded if the area is clean. This must be paid before the wedding will be scheduled on the calendar. This applies to members and non-members.


Because the use of the church building requires expenditures for utilities, maintenance, and personnel we ask the following contributions for the use of the building and the services of church personnel.

1. Non-members (or those who have been members of this church for less than a year). Fees must be paid in full no less than four weeks before the wedding.

  • Sanctuary $300.00 (utilities & wedding director)
  • Fellowship Hall $300.00 (reception only)
  • Custodian $ 80.00
  • Organist/Pianist $100.00
  • Pastor $250.00

2. Members have contributed to the upkeep of our building through the years and no extra contributions are asked for the use of the sanctuary. We do have a usage fee, for the use of the fellowship hall for a reception or rehearsal dinner due to the extra time required of church personnel and will have the following fees which are to be paid in full by the rehearsal:

  • Fellowship Hall $ 100.00 ($50.00-wedding/$50.00-rehersal dinner)
  • Organist/Pianist $100.00
  • Custodian $ 80.00

PASTOR: The Pastor must be consulted about officiating for a wedding separately from other reservations of the church and fellowship hall. A pastor from another church is welcome to officiate in the wedding ceremony, provided permission is obtained from the pastor of this church.

RESERVATIONS: A confirmed date requires a preliminary conference with the Pastor and Wedding Director concerning the plans and date. No date should be announced prior to these conferences. The services and regular programs of the church must be considered in scheduling time and date. When a date has been set with the Pastor, the Wedding Director will be contacting the person in charge of the wedding (either bride or mother). They will meet and go over these policies together. After this meeting the date will be placed on the Church Events Calendar when the deposit is paid, no less than 3 months before the date of the wedding.

WEDDING DIRECTOR: A member of the committee must be present at all times the wedding party is on the premises. The rehearsal, wedding, and hours before and after the event are within their administration. The Director is responsible for the coordination of heating/ac, deliveries, and set-ups. The director does not function as a musician, caterer, florist, or consultant. The Director ensures that the church’s interest is maintained while making the church’s assets available to the wedding party. The set up times will be arranged with the Director. The Director will coordinate with the wedding party about the use of the sound system to be used for the rehearsal, wedding, or reception.

DECORATIONS: Decorations for the wedding should only enhance the chancel, not obscure it. Only masking tape will be used to attach decorations to furniture. Both florist and wedding families are responsible for preventing damage. Only drip less candles (metal spring load may be used). Plastic should be placed under candle stands. Protective covering must be placed under the candles which should not be taped to the carpet. Florist and/or the family are responsible for the cleaning of wax from the floors, furniture, and carpets, and shall be required to see that the church premises are left as clean as possible after use. All decorations should be removed shortly after the wedding. A Saturday wedding requires that the decorations be removed immediately after the ceremony and the sanctuary returned to its original condition. The Sanctuary will remain as is for the ceremony, if seasonal church decorations are in place they are not to be altered or removed.

MUSIC: Music should be in keeping with the spirit of worship. The Director of Music, Pastor, or others shall approve music and musicians for all wedding services one month in advance. Live music is encouraged to be used for the service. The Pastor in consultation with the wedding party will establish the order of service of worship. The piano may not be moved. The sound system may be used under the supervision of the Wedding Director and/or church personnel after approval by the pastor.

REHERSAL: The wedding is an act of worship; the presiding Pastor will be in charge of the rehearsal. The Director assists the Pastor and wedding party. The director must be present at all times the wedding party is on church premises.

PRIVATE CEREMONY: A private ceremony, for which no rehearsal is required or guest invited, may be arranged with the officiating Pastor.


Church activities will take priority over the wedding schedule.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted on church premises-at any time. In addition, no person in the wedding party will be under the influence of alcohol while on church premises. Any violations of this policy may result in the cancellation of the wedding.

No birdseed, rice, or any other material shall be used anywhere on church property.

No food or drink will be allowed in the Sanctuary and no smoking or tobacco products are permitted in the Sanctuary or any place in the church buildings.

Any damage to church property will be the responsibility of the person making the reservations for the wedding. Cost of replacement or repair will be charged in full.

VIDEOTAPE/PHOTOGRAPHY: the wedding ceremony is a service of worship celebrating the love and commitment that the bride and groom express. The service also reflects the love God has for the couple and all present. The sacredness of this event requires no activity that could distract any of the participants. Video equipment may be operated from the back of the Sanctuary or balcony, provided that the operator remains stationary throughout the service. NO flash photography will be used during the ceremony.


  • Anyone renting the church facilities will be allowed to use all of the church’s dishes, flatware, punchbowl, cups, etc.; however, they are not to be taken from the building by anyone.
  • Anyone using church faculties will be responsible for leaving rooms and supplies clean and presentable, turning off lights, and putting trash in the dumpsters outside.
  • No decorations will be pinned, glued, tacked, or otherwise attached to the walls of the Fellowship Hall or kitchen.
  • No one will make adjustments or alterations to the sound system of any building or heating/ac.
  • No additional equipment may be added to the mixer on the sound system.
  • No keys will be loaned.
  • If additional seating is needed arrangement must be made with the custodial staff. The capacity of the sanctuary is 250.

CUSTODIAN: The custodian will ensure surface cleaning prior to the event. The wedding party is expected to be responsible for all other needs and must leave the facility as found prior to the wedding. After a time period of three hours, or 11:00 pm for wedding receipt ions, there will be an additional charge of $30.00 per hour if the wedding is on a Saturday.

MISCELLANEOUS: No weddings will be performed during Holy Week, on major holidays, or Sunday.

DAMAGE CLAUSE: The bride and groom will be liable for any damages that might occur to the building and/or furnishings of First United Methodist Church of Whitesboro during the time of occupation, by this wedding party and all those associated with this wedding. First United Methodist Church of Whitesboro is not responsible or liable or any accidents or injuries, which might occur during the time of occupation by this wedding party and all those associated with this wedding.


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